Why You Should Always Service a Maintenance-Free Battery

The car battery of today is a lot more sophisticated than the type of unit you might have installed in your car a decade ago. Many people think that these are now maintenance-free and can be expected to last for a considerable period of time without any worry. Yet, the average owner will still need to service their battery on an annual basis, and this will involve proper inspection and a certain amount of action. [Read More]

Front-Wheel Drive? Why You Need to Keep an Eye on CV Joints

If you're curious by nature, you may wonder how it is possible to transfer power from your front-wheel-drive car's engine to the adjacent wheels whenever you turn a corner. This is made possible by using constant velocity joints, which can maintain forward motion no matter the road condition. What do you need to know about these magical parts and why it is important to keep an eye on their condition? [Read More]

Here're Quick Ways To Know You Need Brake Repairs

It is crucial to maintain your car's brake system in the best shape possible. Doing so ensures your safety and that of other road users. However, at some point, your car brakes will become faulty and send you some warning signs. Visiting your auto repair shop for brake repairs is necessary when this happens. The technician will promptly diagnose and fix the problem to avoid a potential accident and further damage. [Read More]

A Guide On Dyno Tuning

If you wish to convert your daily driver into a performance car, you have probably considered conducting a dyno tune. Vehicle dyno tuning is an effective and affordable way to milk more power from your vehicle's engine. Below is an extract discussing the considerations to make when conducting a dyno tune to increase your car's performance.  Work With An Experienced Tuner As a car enthusiast, it might be tempting to conduct a DIY dyno tune. [Read More]