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Why You Should Never Overlook Your Vehicle's Oil Cooler

Vehicle manufacturers spend a great deal of money and time to try and perfect the lubricant that goes inside each engine. They understand that the motor oil has to do more than simply grease the moving parts, as it has to transport tiny particles through to a filter and deal with high temperatures as well. But what can happen if the temperature inside that cauldron gets too hot, and why should you worry about this if you own a boat or caravan?

Oil Degradation

The oil in question is meant to deal with a range of temperatures from subzero to scalding hot, but excessive conditions could cause a chemical reaction. Should this happen, these conditions could affect the oil's viscosity so that it won't be quite as good at dealing with friction.

Being Safe

This is why many companies fit an additional oil cooler to certain high-performance vehicles. This part represents an insurance policy to keep the engine running as efficiently as possible under even the harshest of conditions.

Fitted or Not Fitted?

Do you know if your car or truck has an oil cooler? Not every vehicle does, but if you tow a caravan or boat for extended periods of time, it could be a good additional investment. When one is fitted, the engine oil is directed through a series of hoses and pipes to the cooler, which is externally mounted. Water or passing air is used to absorb the heat before the oil is sent back into the engine.

Checking the Condition

If you have a cooler fitted, when was the last time you had a close look at it? As it may well be fitted next to the primary radiator at the front of the vehicle, it is vulnerable to damage caused by flying stones and other debris. It can also be affected by weather conditions and may even begin to corrode over time. This is why it's important to get the cooler inspected every time that you schedule a major service.

Other Potential Challenges

Also, some of the tiny fins that form the matrix may become blocked, especially if the primary filter is not working as well as it should or is in need of service itself. You'll want to avoid this sort of problem at all costs, as it could lead to high levels of friction, an even hotter engine, substandard performance and potential failure.