Planning To Travel During The Holiday Season? Get Your Camper-Van Or Motor-Home Serviced Early

The end-of-year holidays are nigh, and with their advent, the numerous travels and last-minute preparations. If you plan to travel this holiday season, as you are most likely wont to, don't wait for the last minute. Start the preparation process early (now) by having your camper-van or motor-home serviced. Read on for some more insights. Why now? If you think that it's still early to check on your camper, you are mistaken. [Read More]

Exclusive tips when moving in the winter

Moving in the winter is a big step and the chills may be a huge drawback. But it also carries with it a large number of perks. Moving in the winter gets you better deals on truck rentals. You'd be able to spend less but still get the full services offered by the moving companies. However, don't let your budget get in the way of your safety. You need to guard yourself and plan ahead. [Read More]

Indications Your Brakes Need Car Servicing

When it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, paying close attention to any potential hazards is one of the best ways of ensuring they do not become fully blown out auto problems. Some drivers only choose to take their vehicle for car servicing when it is in dire need for one. The problem with waiting that long to do so is that you put yourself at risk of costly repairs as well as spontaneous breakdowns. [Read More]

Surprising Reasons to Choose a Panel Beater Versus Handling Your Own Repair Work

A panel beater usually bumps out the body of a car after an accident or other damage, and makes your car look like new. While you may be tempted to handle your own panel beating work when your car has suffered a slight dent or ding, there are very good reasons to consider having a professional panel beater handle this work instead; some of these reasons may even surprise you. Note a few of them below. [Read More]