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Planning To Travel During The Holiday Season? Get Your Camper-Van Or Motor-Home Serviced Early

The end-of-year holidays are nigh, and with their advent, the numerous travels and last-minute preparations. If you plan to travel this holiday season, as you are most likely wont to, don't wait for the last minute. Start the preparation process early (now) by having your camper-van or motor-home serviced.

Read on for some more insights.

Why now?

If you think that it's still early to check on your camper, you are mistaken. It's time to get your motor-home from storage or the garage, clean it up and drive it to the auto shop. The first week of the month is already passed which means that there are less than 14 days to go before Christmas. Things are going to get very busy between now and then.

If you do not get a head start on the process, you will get stuck together with all the other last-minute rushers as you seek to get your camper checked to ascertain that it's fit for the road. The last thing you want is for your plans to get delayed just because you waited a tad too long.

Besides, if your camper-van has some issues that need work, it will need a few extra days in the shop before you can collect it.

Where to get your camper-van/motor-home serviced?

Of course, you cannot just take your camper to any auto shop. Your vehicle has special needs that a standard garage cannot fully cater to. Instead, take your vehicle to specialists that deal with campervans or motor-homes.

If you don't know of a place, ask a motorhome rental or distributor outlet for some leads to a specialist shop.

What to have checked during the service:

There are many items that need checking before you can conclude that your camper is safe for the trips ahead. Apart from the standard drive-train and the affiliated parts, you also have the habitation parts as well. In total, a motorhome service should look into the following:

  • 4WD service
  • Ignition - battery, alternator, starter & fuses
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Gas, water, and electrical – air conditioning, fridge, lighting, heater, etc.

It's best to simply ask for an annual service. This will entail a full service of the entire vehicle.

With your vehicle given the comprehensive service detailed above, you will not have to worry about problems such as your battery running out, your tyres or suspension system not handling the terrain well, your gas tanks having a leak, your water tanks not being clean enough, etc. Your campervan will run smoothly and your holiday will go as planned without any hitch.