Clutches and Trucks: Learn About the Problems of Failing Pressure Plates and Friction Clutch Discs

The clutch is responsible for breaking the connection between your wheel and the engine. It does this by sitting as the first component of the transmission, which allows it to facilitate the exchange of power from the engine to the gearbox. When this happens, the transmission lets you command the vehicle through gear changes. The truck can go faster, slower or maintain its speed according to your shifts. It can also switch between low and high gears to provide the torque needed when towing loads. [Read More]

Red Flags Indicative Of The Need For Auto AC Service Due To A Failing Compressor

You may consider your vehicle's air conditioning system critical for your comfort when you drive, more so during the summer. Nonetheless, not many motorists take the time to ensure that this system is functioning at its best by having it serviced, at least after a season of heavy-duty usage. To keep this system up and running, it is imperative to have it professionally assessed on occasion. Furthermore, you must know the signs of impending failure. [Read More]

What Is Most Likely to Cause a Vehicle Inspection to Fail?

If you drive your car in any of the states or territories across Australia, then it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that it is roadworthy. Still, while this may be ultimately up to you, the government also needs to have its say and requires cars of a certain age to undergo an inspection as well. If you are approaching that all-important inspection date, you may wonder if your car is going to pass and, more specifically, what may cause it to fail. [Read More]

Why You Should Get Your Car Maintained and Serviced Without Fail

If you are like many people, your car is one of your most prized personal possessions, and quite understandably. Having your own car adds an element of convenience to your daily routine, allowing you to go wherever you need to go no matter the hour of day or night it is. Unfortunately, not many people give their cars the attention it deserves when it comes to maintenance. As a result, car failure resulting from neglected vehicle maintenance is a frequent occurrence among car owners. [Read More]