Two Driving Habits That Stress Your Manual Transmission

It's not always easy to change habits, whether they are good or bad. Some driving habits, however, cause unnecessary wear and tear on your car, so it is well worth the effort to attempt to correct them. Driving a manual transmission is a science, and it is easy to fall into bad habits without even realising it.  Following are a couple of tips on what not to do when driving so you can best look after your car. [Read More]

Tips for Choosing the Right Long-Reach Excavator for Your Jobsite

A long-reach excavator is not like a standard crane, as the long-reach type of equipment will be used for reaching horizontally and not vertically. The crane arm will unfold rather than move up and down telescopically, and since most long-reach excavators are needed to reach into water or other treacherous conditions, they will usually have treads rather than tires to keep them steady. This can slow down their movement but prevent them from sinking into the soft soil. [Read More]