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3 Tips To Prevent A Breakdown In Your Car's Transmission System

To prevent your car from breaking down while you drive, you must pay close attention to your transmission, whether automatic or manual. Several factors like low transmission fluid levels, car overloading and excessive heat may be involved in the breakdown of your car's transmission system, so here are some tips to prevent them. If you face any transmission problem, be sure to get car repairs immediately to prevent small problems from becoming catastrophic nightmares.

Check The Transmission Fluid Level Regularly

The transmission fluid transfers hydraulic pressure, which helps to shift between gears in your car. It also lubricates moving components and helps the transmission cool down. You must check your transmission fluid levels regularly to ensure that it remains at adequate levels while you drive. While changing transmission fluid may vary between cars, it is usually done between 80,000 km to 160,000 km. Check your owner manual's recommended timelines for transmission fluid replacement. Note that the fluid colour should ideally be red. If you notice brown or burnt smelling fluid, then you need to replace it. Most vehicles are also sensitive to the type of transmission fluid used, so be sure to pay close attention to the owner manual recommendations. You should ideally get your fluid level checked during car repairs.

Avoid Excessive Heat In Your Transmission System

Heat can adversely affect your transmission system, which will prevent your car from running smoothly.  Your transmission can heat up because of several reasons –– from hot weather and towing to low fluid levels and continuously braking in heavy traffic. Your car's radiator usually cools down the transmission, so make sure that it is properly functioning during car repairs. You may have to get the radiator coolant changed or replaced every few years to ensure that the radiator cools down your car's transmission system efficiently.

Avoid Starting And Stopping Abruptly  

Starting and stopping your car abruptly will put added pressure on the transmission system as you step on or remove your foot from the accelerator too quickly. These sudden jerks will cause irreversible damage to components like the transmission mounts, the fluid and the engine. When a single transmission component gets damaged, your entire system will malfunction. If you notice any problem with your transmission system while you accelerate or brake, make sure you get car repairs immediately.

These tips are designed to help you prevent a potential breakdown in your transmission system. But if you notice something wrong with your transmission, be sure to get car repairs immediately to prevent a bigger problem later. Visit Malvern Automotive Repairs if you have any questions.