3 Common Truck Transmission Trouble Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

The transmission system on your truck is what provides the torque required to power the wheels of the vehicle based on the selected gear. If ignored, transmission problems exacerbate over time and can lead to costly truck repairs. This is why you should attend to your truck's transmission at the earliest signs of trouble.  With that said, here are some common transmission system warning signs you should watch out for. Gear Slips [Read More]

Practical Tips for the Longevity of Your Automatic Transmission

Automatic cars are a more popular option among motorists over the manual alternative due to their easy handling. Nonetheless, just because an automatic vehicle is much more comfortable to drive does not mean it needs less maintenance than its manual counterpart. One component of your car that needs routine upkeep is the auto transmission system itself. Automatic transmission systems are expensive to repair and even more expensive to replace. Thus, it is critical for all motorists to know how to best provide the needed care for their vehicle. [Read More]

Reasons for a Faulty Car Radiator

A car radiator is an essential component of a car's cooling system. It applies a simple mechanism to cool the engine. Once the engine becomes hot, the thermostat triggers the release of the coolant-water mixture in the radiator. This mixture flows into the engine to pick up excess heat that is then pumped back into the radiator. In the radiator, the mixture is either cooled by the fan or cold air flowing through the radiator vents. [Read More]

Reasons Why It Is Important to Service Your Car Regularly

The future is unpredictable; who knows what will happen? Perhaps by then, key car components such as transmissions and engines will become obsolete and disposable, the same way Australians dispose of tires, batteries, shock absorbers and mufflers. In the coming days, you may see vehicle engines like radio cassette, where you use it for several months and then take it to a replacement store to replace the old engine with a new one. [Read More]