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Why You Should Always Service a Maintenance-Free Battery

The car battery of today is a lot more sophisticated than the type of unit you might have installed in your car a decade ago. Many people think that these are now maintenance-free and can be expected to last for a considerable period of time without any worry. Yet, the average owner will still need to service their battery on an annual basis, and this will involve proper inspection and a certain amount of action. What type of work is involved?

Priority Job

If the battery of today is sophisticated, the actual car is more like a computer on wheels. There are hundreds of individual electric and electronic components, sensors and other gadgets and all of these, to a greater or lesser degree, require some form of activation. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your battery is in top quality condition at all times so that it can feed all the ancillaries fitted to the vehicle in addition to providing the spark to start the engine.

Careful Cleaning

Most car batteries sit underneath the bonnet in a relatively hostile environment. There is a lot of heat in this enclosed area, where moisture also mixes with road debris to create potential problems. Over time, some of this dirt and debris will accumulate on the battery's surface and particularly around the terminals. It's important to clean this off using appropriate chemicals so that it does not compromise the unit's efficiency.

Further Checks

Sometimes, the cables that connect the battery to the chassis and starter motor will begin to deteriorate. They may also need to be replaced every once in a while so that they can deal with the power throughout. A mechanic should check for evidence of corrosion, especially at the end of the cable and around the battery terminal. This should be carefully removed as any excessive buildup will lead to failure.


Once the exterior of the battery has been carefully cleaned, a mechanic should perform a voltage and load test. This will tell them if the battery is still in serviceable condition and give them an idea of how long it is likely to last.

Outsourced Work

If you have never touched the battery on your car or truck before, you may want to outsource this to experts. While it can be a messy job, a good mechanic will also have the right electronic tools to service everything properly. Contact an auto service to learn more about car batteries.