Did You Know that Brake Fluid Can Boil?

If you have even a passing interest in how your car works, you may know that the braking system relies on a special type of fluid. But did you know how much abuse the brake fluid comes under during everyday use and how it needs to deal with extremes of temperature while remaining intact? It pays to understand this so that you can always look after your brake fluid and, crucially, change it as and when needed.

Why You Should Never Overlook Your Vehicle's Oil Cooler

Vehicle manufacturers spend a great deal of money and time to try and perfect the lubricant that goes inside each engine. They understand that the motor oil has to do more than simply grease the moving parts, as it has to transport tiny particles through to a filter and deal with high temperatures as well. But what can happen if the temperature inside that cauldron gets too hot, and why should you worry about this if you own a boat or caravan?