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Why Completing Timely Log Book Service Is Absolutely Necessary

Included in the log book that came with your new car are a set of instructions on the specific intervals of time or mileage you should carry out certain services on the vehicle. Completing these services in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications is essential for a variety of reasons.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of performing log book servicing in a timely fashion.

Log book service keeps your car running smoothly

Your car comprises many different types of parts and fluids that wear out due to normal vehicle operation. These parts and fluids need to be checked and/or replaced regularly to keep the vehicle in good working shape.

Performing log book service helps to keep your car's vitals healthy so it can work reliably and efficiently. 

Log book service helps to minimise vehicle repair costs

Completing log book service is a proactive approach to dealing with car problems that are bound to occur at some point over the life of your vehicle. This kind of car service is intended to catch and fix minor problems before they exacerbate, helping to keep vehicle repair bills low.  

Log book service prolongs the lifespan of your car

Neglect is one of the main culprits behind reduced vehicle lifespans. Car owners that don't get their cars maintained regularly enough usually end up scrapping them sooner than expected. As a part of ongoing car maintenance, log book servicing will go a long way in increasing the life of your car.

Log book service helps to maintain the vehicle's warranty

When you purchase a new car, it comes with the manufacturer's warranty. Also called a new car warranty, the manufacturer's warranty is intended to protect you against factory defects that may arise after you've completed your vehicle purchase. This type of warranty usually offers limited coverage, meaning it is subject to certain terms and conditions.

One of the key conditions you'll have to satisfy to maintain your vehicle's warranty is to perform log book service in a timely manner.

Log book service preserves your vehicle's resale value

Since log book service plays a huge part in keeping your car in good working shape, it helps to preserve the value of the vehicle. If you decide to sell the vehicle in the future, you can negotiate a reasonable price for it.

To find out more about your car's log book service needs, contact an auto mechanic close to you.