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3 Common Truck Transmission Trouble Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

The transmission system on your truck is what provides the torque required to power the wheels of the vehicle based on the selected gear. If ignored, transmission problems exacerbate over time and can lead to costly truck repairs. This is why you should attend to your truck's transmission at the earliest signs of trouble. 

With that said, here are some common transmission system warning signs you should watch out for.

Gear Slips

Whether in automated or automated manual trucks, transmissions should stay in the selected gear until a change is initiated. Gear slips is an indication of a failing transmission. It occurs when the transmission pops out of the selected gear while on the road without a change in gear. 

If overlooked, gear slips can damage the gearbox as well as the engine. Prompt attendance by a qualified auto mechanic is required to fix the problem before it's too late.

Transmission Leaks

Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the transmission system, keeping the selected gear in place and maintaining rotational speed. Without enough of it, your transmission will overheat or lock up.

The fluid is usually red in colour and mildly sweet-smelling, so a leak should be easily noticeable. Check your vehicle often for this, especially on your driveway or parking lot. Any change in colour and smell is also an indication of probable mechanical failure. This requires a full check-up and probably an oil change. Seek out a truck repair professional for this.

Check Engine Light

Most modern trucks have sensors that monitor various systems and display a warning on the dashboard. One warning light system associated with transmission system trouble is the 'check engine' light. This can be an indication of early onset of transmission issues. 

Truck transmission system specialists have the diagnostic equipment needed to pick out issues that are otherwise not easily detectable. They will hook up the equipment to your vehicle's computer and translate the codes they generate into an easily solvable issue.

Keeping your transmission system in optimal working condition is crucial to ensuring the continued reliability of your truck. You definitely wouldn't want the vehicle to lock up on the highway or in the middle of nowhere. Invest in preventative maintenance, and regularly inspect your vehicle to check for any signs of transmission trouble. If you notice anything wrong with your transmission, be sure to seek out a truck transmission specialist immediately! The sooner you take action, the better.