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Practical Tips for the Longevity of Your Automatic Transmission

Automatic cars are a more popular option among motorists over the manual alternative due to their easy handling. Nonetheless, just because an automatic vehicle is much more comfortable to drive does not mean it needs less maintenance than its manual counterpart. One component of your car that needs routine upkeep is the auto transmission system itself. Automatic transmission systems are expensive to repair and even more expensive to replace. Thus, it is critical for all motorists to know how to best provide the needed care for their vehicle. This piece lists three practical tips for the longevity of your vehicle's automatic transmission system.

Apply proper gear shifting practices

Just because you own an automatic car does not mean that you should drive it around recklessly. One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to the handling of their automatic vehicle is shifting their gears improperly. When you try to change gears, whether it is to reverse or to park, you need to make sure that the car is at a complete halt; otherwise, you will be exerting unnecessary pressure on your automatic transmission system.

Inspect the fluid levels regularly

While transmission systems are enduring, they rely on automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to work at optimum condition. Over time, leaks can develop in the transmission system, and this will cause the ATF to diminish at a faster rate than average. Thus, it is vital for you to use a dipstick to check the levels of the fluid regularly so that you can catch a leak in good time. Regular use of your vehicle also means your ATF will deplete with time, so it is prudent to make checking the fluid a regular part of your schedule. Lastly, always inspect the colour of the automatic transmission fluid. Any signs of murkiness or contamination mean that you should flush the system and replace it with new fluid.

Keep away from towing heavy loads

It can be challenging to say no to pulling a friend's car if they are in trouble or to resist towing a boat on your way to holiday by the beach, but this can put a heavy toll on your vehicle. Cars that are not built to pull heavy loads will end up experiencing a massive amount of strain, particularly in the automatic transmission system. After towing the vehicle or doing so several times, you will soon notice operational problems with the auto transmission system that will need to be checked out by a mechanic.  

For more information about automatic transmissions, talk to an auto mechanic near you.