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Windscreen Replacement Options You Could Consider

The windscreen on your vehicle is not just essential to ensure you are protected against the elements. With advances in technology, windscreens now offer an assortment of other features that would make driving both comfortable as well as efficient. The following are some of the various windscreen replacement options that you could consider for your car.

Tinted windscreens

These are the most popular choice motorists will opt for when contemplating windscreen replacement. The main function of a tinted windscreen is to decrease the amount of radiant heat that penetrates your vehicle. They are also adept at protecting you from the harmful UV rays. Tinted windscreens are an ideal choice for people who spend a long time on the road, such as traveling sales people.

Thermal windscreens

As the name suggests, these types of windscreens have the capability of emitting heat. This makes them a suitable option for motorists that live in areas prone to low temperatures that would cause incessant precipitation on their windscreen in the form of ice, sleet, or frost. These windscreens are fitted with tiny wires that are held in place with an invisible film. The wires then receive an electrical charge from your vehicle. When activated, a signal is sent to the windscreen to begin to warm up. This, in turn, leads to any frozen precipitation on your windscreen being thawed in the shortest time possible. Thermal windscreens have been found to be much more efficient than even the vehicle's own defrost settings. If your car is also unsheltered when you park it, you could consider thermal windscreens to counter the exposure it gets to the cold.

Digital display windscreens

These windscreens are characterised by having the capability of displaying digital content right on the windscreen as you are driving. It is able to do this using projection technology. You then have the flexibility to choose what type of information that you would want displayed ranging from your driving speed, the amount of fuel in your vehicle, the mileage of your vehicle and more. A concern that some people may have is whether a digital display would be visible when driving in glaring sunlight. This should not worry you, as the digital display will adjust itself depending on the ambient light. For instance, if it is a bright day outside, the display will be much brighter as compared to its light settings on a cloudy day. For more information, contact an auto electrical mechanic.