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Is Your Vehicle's Transmission Sending You a Cry for Help?

The amount of time it takes for you to start experiencing transmission problems will vary from one vehicle that the rest. Typically, transmission systems are built to last a significant amount of time. Nevertheless, mileage and aging of the vehicle would make your transmission prone to problems of wear and tear. It is important to know how to spot the warning signs of transmission problems so that you can seek repairs before they escalate and cause the breakdown of your vehicle. So how do you know whether your vehicle's transmission is sending you a cry for help?

You are having trouble shifting gears

One of the sure-fire signs that your transmission will need attention from a car mechanic is beginning to experience difficulties when trying to shift gears. This is because your gear components are an integral part of the transmission system. Problems with your gears can manifest in various ways. Some of the ways you may have trouble with shifting gears include:

  • Resistance when trying to shift from one gear to the next
  • Your vehicle beings to shift gears on its own accord
  • You experience jerking movements when trying to shift gears
  • If you experience these problems or any other gear related issues, it would be best to visit a car mechanic to diagnose the underlying transmission problem.

Gears are grinding or the vehicle is shimmying

When it comes to transmission trouble, it should be noted that some symptoms would be different in manual vehicles than they would in automatic vehicles. For example, if you drive a manual car, you may start to hear grinding noises when you are trying to change gears. This grinding originates from friction between your gears, which would indicate a problem with your transmission system. Alternatively, if you drive an automatic vehicle, you may start to experience your car shimmying from one side of the road to the next as you try switching gears. This could not only indicate problems with your gears but could also indicate the wearing down of your clutch. Both these symptoms need to be assessed by a car mechanic, as it could be a cry for help from your vehicle's transmission.

Weird noises when your car is in neutral

It is not uncommon to hear sounds from your vehicle when driving. This is because each car will have its own individual noises and it would be up to you as the owner to determine what is unusual. However, your vehicle should not be emitting weird noises when it is neutral. If you start to hear strange whining, buzzing, clanking and more when the vehicle is in neutral, it would be prudent to take your vehicle for car servicing.