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4 Things that Will Void Your Drivetrain Car Warranty

The drivetrain warranty (also referred to as the powertrain warranty) is a promise by the manufacturer to indemnify you against possible loss caused by defects directly associated with the manufacturer. The drivetrain warranty comprises all parts that get your car running such as the engine, transmission and other components responsible for conveying power to the wheels, eventually leading to motion. Manufacturers base the warranty on the period within which they expect the drivetrain components to perform optimally. However, it is important to understand that the drivetrain warranty is voidable in some circumstances, and you may have to deal with the costs yourself. Here are some of those instances.

Damage by Environmental Factors

If the components of your drivetrain have been damaged by natural or environmental factors such as floods, earthquakes, fire or other elements of weather, then the manufacturer may not honour their warranty because the cause of the damage is not a direct fault or oversight of the manufacturer. Had conditions been normal (with no disastrous environmental factors in question), then it is presumed that your drivetrain would be functional.

Inappropriate Use of the Vehicle

Using the vehicle inappropriately is also another simple reason that can make you lose your drivetrain warranty. Ideally, the term "misuse" has a broad application when it comes to your car and its drivetrain components in particular, and it is often subject to the judgement of the warranty administrator. However, it can include competition and racing of any kind, off-roading in the vehicle too often, overloading it and other situations outside the normal use or operation of the vehicle. Any signs of abuse are adequate ground for voiding your drivetrain warranty, as abuse imposes a performance strain on the components covered.

An Altered Odometer

The odometer is an important component of your car that measures how much the engine has been in use. Tampering, disconnecting or replacing your odometer means that your manufacturer cannot determine how much you have used the drivetrain components, particularly the engine. This is an adequate ground for doing away your drivetrain warranty. Avoid rolling back your odometer for reasons such as improving its sales value.

Salvage Title

A salvage title is a declaration that your car is a total loss after a road accident. Often, this means that most of the drivetrain components have been tampered with, and they have to be replaced with after-market ones. A salvage title makes your drivetrain warranty void because the parts for which it was granted are no longer operable.