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Caravan Maintenance: Things You Can DIY Before the Next Service

Owning a caravan can make your family and group camp tours and road trips much more exciting, inexpensive and flexible. Caravans provide freedom and privacy you would not enjoy when using public transportation and renting accommodation in hotels and motels. However, to enjoy all the benefits that a mobile caravan has to offer and avoid breakdowns, you need to keep it in good condition. Like other automobiles, caravans require regular servicing. Since most people use their caravans for trips and tours, they may prefer having one or two services annually. There are a few DIY measures you can practice before the next caravan service.

Charge the battery

Most caravan chargers rarely charge the battery to full capacity. Even if you see the battery indicating full charge on the control panel, it may not last as long as it should. Giving the caravan battery a regular trickle charge using your standard car battery can extend its use and allow you to enjoy the leisure of extended battery use. Always check that the battery is working efficiently before setting out for a long trip.

Check hand-brake, wheels, rims, and tires

Inspecting your caravan's hand-brake, wheels, rims and tires not only ensures that they remain in good condition, but it can also save you roadside emergencies during a long trip. When checking these components, look out for the following:

  • Hand-brake: Inspect it for any signs of rust or detachments. Also, check the base plate, brake cables, and pulley to ensure they are working smoothly. You can also lubricate the hand-brake components regularly to avoid wear due to friction.
  • Rims: Inspect these components for any signs of tear, cracks or any other signs of physical wear.
  • Wheels and tires: Check the tread and air pressure in your caravan's tires. Towing a caravan with the right tire pressure is a sign of roadworthiness. Also, tighten the wheel nuts and check the tires for any signs of wear. If you think your tires are worn or out of shape, replace them even if the thread isn't worn.

Prepare water systems for winter

Frost preparation can prevent your water systems from freezing during the winter. Ensure all water systems, including the toilet water tank and water heater are drained down before storing the caravan for winter. Open the taps as well to ensure all the water flows from the systems. If water freezes in the pipes, they can crack and cost you for plumbing repairs.

After undertaking these measures, ensure you have your caravan serviced, especially before a long trip to make sure that it remains in good condition throughout the journey. You can also ask your auto service dealer to recommend the appropriate servicing intervals for your caravan depending on how often you use it.