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3 Features That Affect the Durability of Commercial Trucks

Trucks on sale have so many standard and optional features that it may be daunting to pick out the most essential features that you need. This article discusses three important features that have a bearing on the durability of any commercial truck. Use this information to select the most durable truck.

The Rear Frame 

You may compare a rear frame on a truck to the foundation on a house. Once a foundation is weak, that house will not last for long. This is because the weight of the house will make the foundation to subside quickly. Similarly, a commercial truck with a weak rear frame will not last very long. This is because that weak frame will not be able to survive the numerous times that the truck backs into loading docks. Goods frequently bump against that frame during the loading or offloading process. Thus, you need to make sure that the rear frame is rock-solid. For example, rear frames made from extruded aluminium can withstand the battering to which the frame is subjected on a daily basis.

The Doors

Your truck may make several trips to the repair shop if it does not have the best quality doors. This is because the frequent opening and closing of those doors results in a high rate of wear and tear. Additionally, cargo frequently bumps against the truck doors if the truck was not loaded properly (by securing the cargo onto the truck walls or bed). You should therefore compare several door components (such as rollers and fasteners) before you pick the truck whose door mechanism offers the most durable combination of components. For example, you can pick a truck whose door fasteners are powder-coated against rust. That truck should also have stainless steel rollers so that those rollers can take the strain of frequent opening and closing.

The Floors

Truck floors may be one of the most used truck components. Goods are dragged on them. Material handling equipment, such as forklifts knocks against them. Numerous people walk on those floors. That use can rapidly wear out weak floors to the extent that they develop gaping holes. Increase the durability of the trucks in your fleet by paying attention to the floor thickness. The thicker the floor, the more durable it may be. You should also pick a truck that has a strong tread plate (such as those made from steel).

Discuss the issues above with the truck salesperson so that he or she can advise you on how you can get a cost-effective way of getting a truck that has all those attributes of durability.