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3 Tips To Remove Small Dents From Your Car

If you bang your car while backing out or if someone accidentally bumps into you, then chances are that you've got a small dent on the body. While this isn't serious, even a small dent can ruin the entire appearance of your precious vehicle, so you probably want to get it repaired. This guide is designed to help you remove small dents from your car. If the dent is bigger than you can handle, be sure to take it to a smash repairs expert.

Restore Flaking Or Scratched Car Paint

If the paint has simply flaked off the car or if you're dealing with a mere scratch on the paint, then you can prime and paint the area yourself. You can get primer and paint from an auto shop, but keep in mind that you will need to find a colour as close to your car colour as possible. This will ensure that the scratch is filled with even colouring throughout the body. Applying primer before paint is always smart because it helps paint adhere better to the car body. Keep in mind that if the paint has flaked too much or if your scratch is across an entire area of the car, you're probably better off getting the job done by a smash repairs expert for an even paint finish.

Hammer Out Small Dents In Steel

If you have small dents in the steel part of the car, you can beat them out using a flat-ended hammer on the underside of the dent. For this task, you need to be careful to only hammer the dent underside. You must avoid the surrounding area or you'll end up with new and unnecessary dents. Start by banging out the shallow parts of the dent and work your way to the deeper areas. This strategy works best for small dents, but if your dent is too big to be hammered out on your own, seek the services of a smash repairs expert to restore the original look of your car.

Fill Up Tiny Dings With Glazing Putty

If you have small dents or dings that cannot be hammered out, you can use glazing putty available at auto stores to fill them. Glazing putty is easy to handle with a putty knife. This will fill up any gaps in your car to make it look scratch and dent-free once again. You can then paint over it or leave the putty alone, depending on the extent of the scratch or dent.

These tips are designed to help you take action when you have small dents and scratches in your car body. If the dent or scratch is too big for you to undertake on your own, you will need the services of a smash repairs expert.