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Surprising Reasons to Choose a Panel Beater Versus Handling Your Own Repair Work

A panel beater usually bumps out the body of a car after an accident or other damage, and makes your car look like new. While you may be tempted to handle your own panel beating work when your car has suffered a slight dent or ding, there are very good reasons to consider having a professional panel beater handle this work instead; some of these reasons may even surprise you. Note a few of them below.

1. Safety

It may be easy to understand why your safety may be at risk when a car's bumper needs repair, as the bumper helps to absorb the impact of a front or rear-end collision. However, many car owners don't understand how the body of their car keeps them safe. For instance, you may not know that the airbags deploy when the car's body senses vibrations from an accident. If a dent in your car's body is not fixed properly, the airbag sensors may not work properly and they may not deploy. The car's frame also supports the roof in case of a rollover accident, and if the frame is bent and not fixed as it should be, the roof may be more likely to collapse. These are just a few reasons how the car's frame and its repair can affect your own safety.

2. Insurance claims

A professional panel beating shop can usually help you with insurance claims; they may fill out all the needed paperwork and take whatever pictures are required by an insurance company for any claim you may have. It may also be that your insurance company requires you to have your car fixed by a professional panel beater rather than doing this on your own in order to make a claim. A panel beating company can help you to understand the requirements from the insurance company and also help you through the process.

3. Extra services

A panel beating company may offer extra services that can make the entire process of getting your car fixed easier for you. This might include a complimentary rental car you can use while your car is being worked on and repair of damaged items such as headlights, brake lights, cracked windshields, and the like. As with high-quality repairs to the body of your car, these repairs can make it safer when on the road. A panel beater may even detail and clean your car from front to back before handing it back to you, so your car is road worthy and safe, and looks like new.