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What You Need to Know about Ceramic Brake Systems

If you've recently visited your mechanic or brake services department, you may have seen options for ceramic brake systems. In most cases you may not think about the type of brake pads you are getting or you may simply trust your mechanic enough to choose the brakes that are best for your vehicle or that you have used in the past. Before you overlook the ceramic option, consider the following things you should know about them and how they may benefit your vehicle and driving style.

Dust Reduction

Metallic based brakes will create dust over time. You may notice this on your car when you take it to be serviced or have it washed and detailed.   This dust comes from the breakdown of the metal on your brake pads as they are used. If this is an issue for you, then you may want an option that can reduce that dust. Ceramic brakes are known for creating less dust as they are used, which means less dirt and debris on your wheels and reduced cleaning of your wheels and rims.

Reduced Noise

One aspect of ceramic brakes that you may find to be a benefit of getting them over metallic options is the reduced noise. This is especially true in the winter when metallic brakes may make a grinding or squeaking during winter months due to the cold metal and temperature drops. Ceramic brakes actually work to dampen the noise so you won't hear the squeal or the friction as often, if at all.

Heavy Duty Issues

One thing you need to keep in mind when you choose a ceramic brake over a metal brake is the kind of driving you will be doing. For example, ceramic brakes are not recommended for heavy duty driving or towing. They can also cause increased wearing on brake motors, which can lead to increased costs at the mechanic or having to have your brake motors replaced more often.

Price Costs

When you consider ceramic brake options you need to think about your overall pricing as well. Ceramic pads will last longer and can reduce, as previously stated, the noise and dust to your car. The trade off for the longer lasting ceramic option is the price as may be higher in cost to their traditional metallic counterparts.

These are just a few things you should consider when ceramic brakes are an option. If you have questions, or if you aren't sure if the ceramic option is best for your vehicle and driving style, consult with your brake services technician